Odell Brewing Co. has always taken up a large space in the hearts of Fort Collins residents. Now, that space may be growing.

According to the Coloradoan, the brewing company is planning an expansion behind its facility that would add additional room for fermentation tanks, more parking and housing.

Current blueprints plan to relocate the loading dock to the north side, which would free up space for the tanks and overflow parking.

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Owner Doug Odell told the publication that he also hopes to donate a portion of the property to Habitat for Humanity: "We're in favor of trying to do something good in offering attainable housing close to downtown. There's a good strip of property along Third Street to do so."

However, the potential housing land is currently full of precipitated calcium carbonate, a result of the sugar beet industry.

Drilling will take place next week to assess the soil, but if the cost to remove it is too expensive, the housing plans could be put on hold.

Odell said the brewery expansion "is much more of a sure thing," although the development schedule is still up in the air.

Regardless, patrons are still able to enjoy the Fort Collins staple safely under Level Yellow, which allows Larimer County business to operate at an increased capacity of 50%, or 150 people.

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