I never used to be the type that gushed over the cuteness of children. At least not other people's children. That was, of course, until I had children of my own.

Now, forget about it. I found a "PowderSaurus" and need to share.

As a radio person with a studio out back of my house, I've been known to get my three year old daughter to go out there and record her own podcast. That was her idea, by the way, and one of these days I'll share it with you. All that is to say that I'm a big fan of capturing the lighter moments of what goes through kids' heads in audio, especially with a simple mic while they're doing something on their own. The phrase "kids say the darndest things" is super true and even better when they're just talking to themselves.

This is especially true in the case of 4-year old Aubrin Sage, daughter of parents Robert and Samantha. Little Aubrin was dressed as a dinosaur - an awesome look for boarding, by the way - and they placed a mic on her to record her thoughts as she was snowboarding down what she declares is the family's "secret path."

Among her legendary commentary is her singing to herself: "I won't fall. Maybe I will. That's OK, 'cause we all fall..." Good advice.

Cuteness overload. See for yourself with the video her parents posted to the family's Instagram account, @chasing.sage.

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