A video on Reddit's subforum called PublicFreakout racked up tens of thousands of views showing an altercation between two parties in Old Town Square in Fort Collins on Saturday, Aug. 6.

The post on Reddit states the incident allegedly started when an unnamed woman followed her out of Cira Ltd. at 21 Old Town Square after she asked the unnamed woman's son to not pull back the curtains in the dressing room. The recorded altercation that occurred on the playground escalates when the unnamed woman's remaining members of her party show up to the argument and get physical.

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After more than 63,000 upvotes and more than 7,000 comments, it appears that the video has been removed from Reddit. Twitter user @imonassid shared the video on Twitter in response to the statement made by the Fort Collins Police.

Be advised, the video of the events does contain explicit language:

The video quickly gained views and comments on Reddit before being removed. So much so, in fact, that Fort Collins Police Chief Swoboda released a statement on the incident.

Our officers responded quickly and did a thorough investigation. This investigation included looking at the cameras that are already around Old Town Square to determine exactly what happened. Four people were ultimately charged with disorderly conduct.

Swoboda added in the statement that a lot of bad information was being circulated, adding:

First, our officers didn't do a thorough investigation. Not true. Our officers did a  very thorough investigation. Secondly, that no one was held accountable. False. Four people were charged with disorderly conduct. Four adults. Lastly, that people were treated differently. Not true, the victims were treated as victims and given their victim rights and the offenders were treated as such and giving their tickets to show up in court at the charge of disorderly conduct.

Source: Twitter

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