Imagine the Sheriff's Department showing up at your house with a locksmith to enforce an eviction notice and catching it all on your Ring doorbell while you weren't at home. Except... wait, what eviction notice?

Such was the case yesterday in Pasco County, Florida where a homeowner was alerted to a presence at her door by the Ring app on her phone. When she checked the live stream, she saw a man's hairy arms drilling through her deadbolt, and when he moved his arm, she saw deputies standing there with him.

Of course, startled by the scene on her camera, she confronted the men as to what they were doing. They replied that they were enforcing an eviction notice, which is odd because the woman doesn't rent the home and isn't behind on her mortgage payment.

Once she offered her name and demanded details from the deputies, they decided to double check the address and then realized: oops, we're supposed to be evicting the next door neighbor.

If only they'd doubled checked the address before they started to drill. Like the saying goes - measure twice, cut once. Right?

Now, the Sheriff's Office is investigating how the mistake occurred and of course, will be providing her with a new door lock. Check out the full video of the interaction below.

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