Summertime is here and it's time for that summer lovin'.

The warm, long days have arrived. With summer comes plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy time with the people whom you love the most. There's just one itty bitty problem.

We've forgotten how to date.

Maybe that's not the case for you, but my husband and I recently agreed that we need a date night and yet we had no clue what to do. Sure, it could be that the options are still a little limited. Or it could be the fact that we couldn't engage in many of our go-to dates because the places weren't open or the events weren't happening.

We finally decided on a classic dinner and a movie date. *whew*

That being said, what kind of cute summer dates are you looking forward to this year. Perhaps it is something that you used to do all the time. Maybe it's something you put on the docket last year, but it got canceled.

I found a list from the travel site Orbitz called "50 Romantic Dates in all 50 States." It caught my eye because, as mentioned above, I have been looking for some date inspiration. These are some of the most romantic date ideas for each of our lovely states.

For Colorado, they selected Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. More specifically, they selected the interactive art walk that takes place on the first Friday of every month. Stroll the street and grab a bite to eat at one of the on-site food trucks. It sounds like a romantic date that is not too formal. It will keep things light and fun, plus you'll have plenty to talk about.

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