It's one of the biggest sequels in the last decade, 36 years in the making. 'Top Gun: Maverick' comes out Memorial Day weekend, and we are "totally stoked."

Maverick returns to Top Gun flight training to help instruct a bunch of young pilots (like he used to be) to become the 'Best of the Best.' I get goosebumps thinking about how much fun this movie it going to be.

We've been waiting and waiting for 'Maverick' to come to the theaters and now that I actually have a ticket for that weekend, it's clear that the wait is really over. Will it be worth the $14 to see at the Metrolux Dine-In in Downtown Loveland? I certainly hope so, and the reviews seem pretty good: See our national reviewer's 8/10 review HERE.

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When 'Top Gun' came out in 1986, the internet, as we know it today, did not exist. With the sequel coming out 36 years after the original, it's good to see the "movie people" using their smarts by having a site that fans can go to get their own "Maverick"-like call signs.

I heard about it and said 'Oh, yeah! I'm totally doing THAT!" No lie. So I went and got mine, and then got Chris Kelly and Kama to do the same. Why should I have all the fun, right? Chris replied, 'OMG this is Amazing!'


You go to the site, allow the site to use your camera, and then you answer a few "A" or "B" questions. Those questions determine what name they're going to give you. It's different each time, so I can't now remember what the questions were or how I answered to get my call sign: RIPTIDE, but I love it.

After you get you call sign, you can get a picture of you in your awesome helmet with your callsign to share. Of course it's all to promote the movie, so they'd love you to use the hashtag 'TopGun.'







I think Chris' came out really good because he was wearing sunglasses. Something to think about before you go to 

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