Colorado residents are no strangers to alleged UFO sightings, alien myths and extraterrestrial lore.

In a recent instance, a woman allegedly spotted and recorded a UFO in Fort Collins just last week. You can see a picture from her video below and read more about that story here.

Twitter @thisaintnoel UFO Alleged UFO sighting
Twitter @thisaintnoel UFO Alleged UFO sighting

In fact, the National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index for Colorado has 153 UFO sightings posted to their website.

The reports ranged from "small orange orb passing over" to "slow moving triangle-shaped crafts at low elevation, and drones" to "4 star-sized craft moving over Centennial Colorado in different directions in under 4 minutes" and have been reported all over Northern Colorado.

Just this year, the United States Government declassified the files regarding UFOs, though some Coloradans have been believers and spectators for years.

The list for the UFO sightings in Colorado is quite extensive, dating back 70 years, and you can find it here.

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