The owner of the most famous horse in the World has died in Colorado. According to the New York Times, Penny Chenery died on Saturday at her home in Boulder, CO at age 95. She was the owner of Secretariat, perhaps the fastest horse who ever lived. Mrs. Chenery died of a stroke.

Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes in 1973, capturing the Triple Crown. Back then Chenery was known as Penny Tweedy. Secretariat died at age 19 in 1989.

Survivors of Penny Chenery include her sons, John and Chris Tweedy; her daughters, Sarah Manning and Kate Tweedy; a stepson, Jon Ringquist, from her marriage to her second husband, Lennart Ringquist; and six grandchildren.

  • Secretariat was one of 11 horses to win the Triple Crown. There were only 3 winners after Secretariat, including American Pharoah in 2015.
  • Secretariat set a track record at the Kentucky Derby with a run of 1.59.40 seconds that has never been beaten.
  • Secretariat set a World record at Belmont Stakes with a run of 2.24 seconds that has never been beaten.
  • Secretariat foaled 653 horses with 57 becoming stake winners.
  • Secretariat's heart weighed 22 lbs; the average thoroughbred's heart is 9 lbs.

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