It's the most wonderful time of the year; no, not Christmas, Palisade peaches time. Those wonderful handheld wonders of goodness from the Western Slope are here.

How many peaches from Palisade will you be buying this summer? Two dozen? Four dozen? If you're looking for peaches from a farm that knows what they're doing, why not this farm that's celebrating 25 years of coming to town?

You really have to give them credit, for 25 years they've been coming to bring their peaches all the way from Palisade to a corner in west Berthoud. Sure, they make a pretty nice profit in the effort, but to pull it off year, after year, for this long, is a testament to hard work.

Facebook/Patrick Sommers

After 25 years, you'd have to imagine that there have been over a million peach cobblers made with the peaches that this farm brings. I would have to think that at least a few hundred gallons of peach wine, as well. What do you do with your Palisade peaches? Do you get yours from this stop in Berthoud?

It's right off of Highway 287 on the west side of Berthoud east of the Kwik Korner.

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Sommers' Harvest is entering their 25th year of coming to this location, which is a very good one. Being very close to Highway 287, it's easily accessible from many towns/cities around Berthoud, including Loveland, Campion, even Longmont.

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Facebook/Sommers' Harvest

From their Facebook post:

Hello Lovelandfriends, Sommers Harvest here, we have been bringing Peaches to the area for the past 25 years from our farm in Palisade. Many of you have supported us over the years, we wanted to let everyone know we are at our stand this Friday the 15th at 7 AM at the Kwik Korner.

Google Maps

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. will be your best shot at the best peaches. Who doesn't love summer in Colorado?

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