The Colorado Avalanche are in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 2001 and the city of Denver is feeling it. They're not holding back on the excitement and the celebration of it all as the Avs go for their third cup in team history.

The city of Denver will be waiving a typical 30-day requirement for bars and restaurants for applying to expand their alcohol serving area if they plan on having Avalanche watch parties.

Eric Escudero had this to say to KDVR about the reasoning behind this decision:

This was determined today after consideration that bars and restaurants did not have time to apply for this permit because they did not know the Avalanche would advance to the Stanley Cup Final 30 days ago. We are encouraging all interested businesses to apply, because if they do not apply, they can’t be approved.


Basically, if a bar or restaurant has some extra space to expand like a parking lot or some extra land that is not disrupting pedestrians on a public sidewalk, they can apply and most likely will get approval.

The city is on fire and ready to go, and it's pretty cool to see. Since ticket prices are so high to actually try and go to the games at Ball Arena, watch parties are going to be the next big thing to get in on the excitement with groups of fellow Avs fans.

Now, it's just a waiting game to see who the Avalanche will play. The red-hot New York Rangers and two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning are currently tied at 2 games a piece in their best of 7 matchup.

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