Happy birthday to Paul McCartney. That’s the general consensus from around the world today as Macca turns 70, and his animal-loving friends are leading the charge.

In addition to the many tributes coming his way, McCartney has been saluted by the U.K. branch of PETA. Music-news.com reports that the singer, a well-known vegetarian and animal rights activist, received a birthday card from the organization recreating the famous Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ artwork.

But instead of the Beatles, it was a fish, a pig, a chicken, and a cow crossing the street in front of the band’s longtime studio. The message read, “Happy birthday Paul. Thank you for loving us, not eating us.”

Perhaps the biggest tribute coming McCartney’s way today is the cover of the Beatles’ ‘Birthday’ done by Paul Weller. The musician issued the track for today only as a sign of respect for McCartney and all that he’s done in the music industry. All of the proceeds from sales of the song will go to the War Child charity.

We paid tribute in our own little way by presenting this list of the Top 10 Underrated Paul McCartney Songs.

Listen to Paul Weller’s Cover of ‘Birthday’ in Honor of Paul McCartney

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