Back in February, Paul McCartney pulled his entire solo and Wings catalog from streaming services such as Rhapsody and Spotify. However, he appears to have had a change of heart. Seattle Weekly is reporting that several of his albums are currently available to subscribers at two of the most popular sites around.

“McCartney’s catalog has historically performed very well on Rhapsody,” said Jaimee Minney of Rhapsody. “And it’s great to see him recognize the value that a premium music service can deliver to catalog artists in particular. We’re happy to be able to bring his music back to our subscribers.”

Originally, McCartney removed his catalog because of “inconsistencies across providers.” The plan was to get all the services on the same page and have a high-profile re-introduction. However, the reissue of ‘Ram’ in May was added to Spotify, and several other albums are back on Rhapsody. Minney expects the rest of his catalog to be available at Rhapsody by the end of this month.

Still, McCartney’s catalog with the Beatles remains unavailable on any streaming service.

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