Sure it's only September, you say, but think about this: In just 12 short weeks, we will be celebrating Christmas.

That's not a very long time at all and every year it never fails, once the first day of fall hits, time just seems to double in speed to Halloween. Blink your eyes, and it's Thanksgiving. And then before you know it, you're right in the heart of the Christmas season and the end of the year.

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Traditions are a part of the holiday season, and whether those traditions are inside your home or outside your home or, a combination of both, these are the things that cherished memories for a lifetime will be started from and one of the great traditions over the past decade or so has been the sounds of Pentatonix.

They just sound like Christmas, and that famous sound will be making its way to Colorado again as the group recently announced their holiday tour which will make its way to Denver on Sunday, November 20th.


Girl Named Tom, winners from The Voice Season 21 will be the opening act with tickets for this show going on sale Friday, September 23rd. In addition to the excitement of Pentatonix coming back to Denver for their classics, they'll be coming with some new music as well from the upcoming new album.



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