Sure, Colorado is known worldwide for some amazing scenery and things to do. Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Rocky Mountain National Park. The Stanley Hotel. Pikes Peak. World class skiing. The list goes on and on.

But if you take a deep dive across the World Wide Web, you're going to find that not everybody thinks we're the bees knees when it comes to tourist attractions. The consensus amongst some circles is "yeah, it's a pretty state, but how cheesy is (insert your own tourist attraction here)?"

And so, let's take a journey through what some consider to be the lamest things people from out of town get excited to check out. Note to those about to have people come visit from another state.

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

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I remember driving to or from the mountains with my parents as a kid and seeing signs for this, being just so fascinated. I had no clue who Buffalo Bill was, really. One time I convinced my parents to stop in. Yeah, not much to see there. And little as I knew about Buffalo Bill as a kid forty years ago, how much less do kids today even care?


Four Corners Monument

"My right arm is in Colorado, my left hand is in Utah. And my legs are each in Arizona and New Mexico! This is the highlight of my life!"  -Nobody Ever.

True, it's kind of cool to see if you happen to be passing by, but this should not be at the top of your list to go out of your way to see. Much like Geraldo on the hunt for Al Capone's loot, this safe leaves you feeling empty once you crack it.


Casa Bonita


To be fair, we don't know exactly what is in store for this Denver landmark and pop culture phenom, since being purchased by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The restaurant has been closed for a revamp. They say big things are coming and are expected to re-open by the end of the year.

But historically speaking, the Casa Bonita experience has gone something like this: 1. Decide to go to Casa Bonita. Marvel at what it looks like upon arrival. 2. Order food, watch some divers. Hey, cool, soapapillas! 3. Get your food. OK, this was a bad idea. But the divers were cool.

Jury is still out on just how big the big things by the end of 2022 will be, but here's hoping the old CB can move from the overrated to "must do" list in 2023.


Boulder, in general.

Colorado State v Colorado
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Once Mork and Mindy ended, aside from the Bolder Boulder, is there any reason to visit, really? Pearl Street? The Flatirons? Flaming dumpsters rolling down The Hill?

Most out of towners evaluate Boulder with a mix of emotions like "just another city in America, but with more Subarus."


16th Street Mall in Denver

Unsplash, Josh Berendes
Unsplash, Josh Berendes

If you crave the same chain stores from wherever you're from, in an outdoor downtown setting that according to one reviewer "smells like urine and body odors and where you can witness open drug use" then maybe the 16th Street Mall is for you.

It wasn't always like that, and maybe someday it'll be pretty cool to visit again. But as of today, many agree you can scratch it from the list of places you need to take people who are visiting Colorado.

Garden of the Gods


This is a tough call, but the consensus seems to be that such a beautiful natural area is too touristy, and therefore to overcrowded, to fully appreciate. The cafe leaves many disappointed, and the long wait times in line to get into the museum put blinders on otherwise amazing scenery around you.


Insert your own ski resort here

Breckenridge Ski Resort Opens For Season Amid New Coronavirus Guidelines
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It's hard to imagine that someplace - or places, in this case - that are so famous and draw people to Colorado from all around the world every year would make a list of the most overrated tourist attractions in the state. Controversial, to be sure.

But it's the mere fact that at times the resorts are so crowded it feels like skiing down I-25 between NoCo and Denver on a Friday afternoon - and having to pay hundreds of dollars to do it - that earn its place on this list.

Not all of our ski resorts are overrated. Skiing itself isn't overrated. And it's not like we can just grow some new mountains to make more resorts that hold more people. So, overall, this one is pretty subjective.

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