It’s a band’s worst nightmare, but it’s Buick’s perfect situation. Imagine if you will that you’re getting ready to go onstage and play for a crowd when one of your band members calls in sick. What do you do?

In the recent campaign for Buick Verano, you pan the bar and find a ready and willing Peter Frampton ready to step in. That certainly was an unexpected pleasure, which is the theme behind the recent Buick Verano campaign.

In the clip, Frampton breaks out the opening chords to his classic single ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’ after getting an explanation and introduction from the band. There’s both a singular commercial featuring Frampton’s playing with a little bit more context to the scene as well as a compilation commercial showcasing bits of all the “unexpected pleasures” commercials that have been running over the last few months.

Earlier this year, Frampton got an unexpected pleasure of his own when he was able to play his restored 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar for the first time. The instrument had been missing after a plane crash 32 years prior, but turned up on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. The musician was first presented with the instrument back in December and played it for the first time onstage during his Feb. 18 show at New York’s Beacon Theater.

In other Frampton news, the singer will take part in a June 14 benefit show for the 826LA organization’s free writing and tutoring programs for children. Judd Apatow is hosting the event with music from Frampton and Jon Brion. For details, check here.

Watch Peter Frampton’s Buick Verano Commercial

Watch the Buick Verano Compilation Commercial with Peter Frampton

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