The former Denver Broncos QB is getting more mileage out of his Nationwide Insurance commercials, teaming up again with Brad Paisley. And a bus?

The 'Nationwide is on your side..' jingle is so simple and so catchy. It gets better when you put Peyton Manning in front of the camera singing it to his chicken parmesan sandwich

They teamed Peyton up for a few commercials where Peyton seemed to be the overzealous talent/producer, with Brad Paisley as his 'partner.'

Well, they're 'getting the band back together' as they say. As Peyton says, anyway. Peyton has gone and gotten a bus to take him and Brad (the band) around, creating new jingles and driving Brad nuts. 'The Jingle Sessions' hit the road. Like it or not!

Peyton the eager beaver, Brad the 'grumpy' musician. These things are great!

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