The summit of Pikes Peak is currently closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic; it will not reopen to visitors until Sunday, May 23.

According to 9News, the closure was put in place for the safety of all visitors and workers as the Pikes Peak Summit Complex enters its final phase of construction.

The closure has been in effect since Monday (Mar. 22).

The Pikes Peak Summit Complex project began in late 2019 and is anticipated to open in early summer 2021, as per reports from the city of Colorado Springs.

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Aside from building a new Summit Visitor Center at Pikes Peak on one site, construction plans also include the consolidation of a Plant Building, CSU Communications Facility and High-Altitude Research Laboratory on a second site.

The new Summit Complex will feature a gallery exhibit that will include interactive digital features that both bring the mountain to life, and give visitors the opportunity to mesh their own personal experiences into the mountain's story.

In addition, interpretive rails around the exterior of the summit will describe the environment and the views around America's Mountain, identify primary landscape features, and educate visitors with side stories in relation to Pikes Peak.

The City of Colorado Springs also said the existing, 1960s-era Summit House, which closed to visitors in January, will be ready for demolition sometime in the next two weeks.

Throughout the closure and weather permitting, Pikes Peak Highway visitors will be able to park at Devils Playground to bask in views and hike multiple trails. However, hikers will not be able to access the summit and should be prepared to hike back down either the Crags Trail or Barr Trail.

Hikers should plan ahead and call 719-385-7325 for current highway conditions. For hours of operation and other information regarding your visit to Pikes Peak, visit

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