Entering its 46th year of existence in The Choice City, Panhandler's Pizza has been a favorite around town ever since it opened at Campus West. They've just reached a milestone they've been shooting for, for years.

Panhandler's Pizza opened in 1975 in Campus West. A great little spot with checkered tablecloths, a great vibe, and great pizza pie.

Shelby Taylor-Thorn
Shelby Taylor-Thorn

Can you imagine the number of college kids that the original place saw? Between 1975 and 2017, it had to be into the hundreds of thousands. That's a lot of mozzarella cheese.

In 2017, Panhandler's second owner was ready to get out of the business, and the idea arose that perhaps an employee would like to carry on with the pie place; and that's what happened. It was Christmas time in 2017, that the new (current) location opened at 2721 South College.

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One thing that I noticed when I was doing my 'Pizza My Heart' pizza reviews in 2019, and I stopped in at Panhandler's, is that they make a big deal about their delivery. Not your friendly 'neighborhood' delivery, 'Nationwide' delivery. Technically, it's 'shipped' versus 'delivered,' but the point is the same. They want Panhandler's everywhere.

The minimum order for pizza to be shipped is $99, but it's something they've been doing for a while now, so it seems like people across the country are indeed ordering Panhandler's.

So much so, that they have made the announcement that they have finally shipped pizza to All 50 States.

It's uncertain how long it took them to achieve the milestone, but, nonetheless, they've done it. Score one for Fort Collins.

Nice job, Gang!

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