In January things were on track. In April, things were still a go. Last week, however, the plans became a bust. No new Kings Soopers at 71st and 287.

71st and 287
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Developers were planning on building a big 123,000 square foot King Soopers Marketplace at 71st Street and Highway 287 (Garfield), just south of Serious Texas Bar-B-Q in Loveland. It would have had a 15,000 [strip mall] attached to it. Sounded pretty nice. It would have opened in January of 2018. Last week, though, they announced that the project wouldn’t be happening.

They had even gone and drawn up contracts to purchase three properties in the area to build the project, those contracts were cancelled.  So, those folks are out of luck, too.  The developers couldn’t comment on why the project was cancelled, and King Soopers’ representative said that the site just didn’t work for them [sic].  To their credit, King Soopers never officially said they were building anything.

Could it be, that they finally realized that Loveland already has a newly refurbished King Soopers just a little south of there, at Orchards Shopping Center?  That seems unlikely.  So, what makes the site ‘no good’ now, as opposed to the last 12 months they’ve been planning it?

They say that they’re always looking at sites, so another one might not be that far off.  Seems to me, they’ve been talking about the land at 43rd and Wilson, for a long time, in regards to putting the same kind of King Soopers there. That location makes a lot more sense, to me.

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