Getting around the City Park area in Fort Collins isn't going to be easy for months, as the city needs to replace old sewer lines.

Old, old, old. That's an accurate description of the sewer situation near City Park in Fort Collins, so it's time to get in/down there and replace some stuff. The only problem, is that these lines that have to be replaced are right off of Mulberry.

A stretch of Mulberry, from South Bryan (at the southern edge of Sheldon Lake) to Cook Drive (where City Park Plaza is located) is closed, right now. Access the City Park Nine (golf course), the fire station and most access into City Park remain open.

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This will definitely be a headache when it comes to getting around in that area, but getting rid of the old clay sewer lines and bringing them up to the latest standards is definitely 'an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure' situation.

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According to The Coloradoan, the $2.5 million project will conclude by  August with (probably) more traffic hassles. They'll be repaving all of Mulberry from South Bryan west to Taft Hill Road; which, in turn, will mean at least single-lane closures at Taft Hill and Mulberry to get that done.

With this project going on during the 4th of July timeframe, folks will need to take extra time to plan out getting to City Park for the day's festivities. By the fall of 2022, we'll hardly remember the hassles we went through in spring and early summer.

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