The Poudre School District is practicing safety this week by conducting planned lockout drills.

In a news release, the school district said to expect "heavier than usual" law-enforcement at the schools. The district goes on to say that the time and specific dates are not known. Each school will announce over the intercom that a drill is being conducted. Students and staff will be directed to a safe location while the school is locked up.

Poudre School District Press Release:

"While fire drills have long been a staple of school safety, school violence in America has forced school districts to prepare differently. While emergencies might be infrequent — some students may not experience any during their PSD careers — we know that having opportunities to practice and prepare could one day save lives."


The district is advising parents with students sensitive to drills or alarms to speak with the district about other options.

Source: The Coloradoan

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