The weather is about to get nasty as another round of winter is ready to blast Colorado up to 4 to 6 inches of snow, with even more expected in the foothills through Wednesday.

In addition to the snow, an arctic cold will be dropping overnight lows to well below zero for the next few nights as well.

With this incoming weather expected to hit us starting later this afternoon and early this evening, Poudre Schools aren't taking any chances and have postponed all after-school activities, including extracurricular activities.

Obviously, if that changes, we will keep you posted every step of the way.


5 Things You Should Do If You Hate Driving In The Snow

There are many reasons to hate driving in the snow.

Snow creates a high potential for dangerous road conditions, produces less-than-decent drivers (who probably aren't decent drivers, to begin with - but that's a conversation for another time), often adds travel time to your trip - the list goes on.

Maybe you don't mind driving in the snow, maybe it doesn't even phase you when it snows (can't relate) - BUT if you need to be out and about on a snow day and you hate driving in the snow, here are five things you could try - or should try - do to, essentially cope with the fact that you can't stop mother nature from bringing snow to Colorado.

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