I've been to Old Faithful more than once, but both times it was during the summer. I've found yet more video proof that America's favorite geyser is even more epic during the winter months.

Kudos to Claire Anderson who shared this moment from her visit to Yellowstone recently. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this is Old Faithful. However, I've never really seen it this vibrant before. See if you agree.

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I imagine that the burning hot geyser water/steam hitting the cold air makes it look a bit more dramatic. This was a video I captured 5 years ago and it looks kind of puny compared to Claire's video. Still pretty though.

If you've never been to Yellowstone during the winter, there are some things to understand about the experience. Traveling Mel's Yellowstone Trips offers some tips specific to winter including the fact that snow coach or snowmobile is required to reach Old Faithful during much of the winter. Is it worth the trouble? Absolutely. Watch Claire's video again if you'd like a reminder.

Nothing quite like Yellowstone and Old Faithful in the winter. Wyoming nature wins the internet...again.

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