Take a look out your window, and your view probably looks similar to mine: Over ten inches of snow accumulated in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado last night, and it's bringing down massive tree branches.

Not only that, but many cars are stuck in place, barricaded in by the thick snow, unable to escape any falling branches. Obviously, the most important thing is to personally steer clear of any branches: They could snap at any time, and you don't want to be caught underneath them.

However, how can you keep your vehicles and even your trees safe? There are a few easy steps you can take, courtesy of 9News and the Colorado State Forest Service:

  • Use a broom to shake excess snow off of branches, but in order to prevent breakage, push up on snow from below to release pressure.
  • Make sure to steer clear of the trees if there are any utility lines running through the branches.
  • Remove broken branches at the branch collar, but be careful not to over-prune.

Overall, the Colorado State Forest Service says that if the tree still has its "leader" ("the main upward branch") then the tree will most likely make a full recovery.

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