Fall means hunting season is here and my buddy Anthony is big into hunting waterfowl... I am big in to woodoworking... So we decided to go halfsies on a wood lathe. We found an old lathe with some carving tools for $80 on Craigslist a few weeks ago and split the cost of the tool. I can use it whenever I want to turn whatever I want and he can come over any time he wants to and make stuff because we are BFF's and that is how we roll.

Sunday was a good day to get a duck call made in between watching the Broncos lose. We headed to the local woodworking store and picked up a reed and some hardwood to make our very first duck call. The first wood blank we threw into the lathe was pretty much a sacrificial experiment as it turned out badly and I bored out the inner diameter to large... On to the next blank. Hopefully this one will work out better was the thought going through both of our heads at the time. Well, it did!

Here is our first collaboration on our very first duck call... QUACK QUACK! Check out the photos:


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