If you've ever met a Colorado native, you know there are some "no-no" questions you shouldn't ask them. For example, the question "How do you feel about people from California?" isn't a great conversation starter.

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I learned this quickly after moving to the Centennial State from North Dakota in 2008. I was a middle schooler at the time, so I didn't discuss California with my peers; however, I still recognized the pride they had in being Colorado born-and-bred.

Don't get me wrong — it's great to be proud of where you're from, but the passion can be a little jarring if you're a newcomer who's not prepared for it.

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When I started college at Colorado State University, I found that this same energy applies to Fort Collins. There's no shortage of pride in Ram Country, and how could there be? I mean, our slogan is literally "proud to be..."

Still, this time I'm in on it. After nearly seven years in the Choice City, I'm now the one showing newcomers the ropes.

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