Not just redemption against the Aztecs, but redemption for the last two games as a whole.

What's Been Going On?

In short - ball management.

We saw a bit of the same pattern last season in an empty Moby Arena. The Rams started the season out strong, but turnovers started sealing their fate in not the greatest of ways as conference play progressed.

Luckily, in CSU's Border War game in Laramie on Monday, Jan. 31, the Cowboys also had some pretty poor ball-handling, which kept the Rams in the game closer than they probably should have been.

However, 13 turnovers against any team is not...ideal. Additionally, in the last two games - both against Wyoming and UNLV - the Rams have faced a team that has one man who just can't miss. First, it was Bryce Hamilton for UNLV, then Hunter Maldonado for Wyoming.

Defensively, CSU has only continued to improve throughout the seasons since Niko Medved took the helm. But, CSU's defense has left some to the imagination in the last two contests.

Why It's Not the End of the World

I saw a tweet the other day that summed it up pretty nicely:

While the margin of error has now gotten to a dangerously small point, the fact of the matter still stands: the Rams are a team to be reckoned with.

They have strength, agility, basketball IQ, the lot. The slow starts just need to stop.

I stand by what I've said before - there should be an award created and given to Medved for best second-half switch up.

However, that intensity out of the locker room should be there for the first step onto the court, not just coming into the second half.

The Last Time Against SDSU

Now, I don't like to make excuses, just as I know the Rams aren't making excuses. But the last time CSU faced SDSU, it was with last-minute notice and preparation, and they were coming off of one other game after a month of no contests.

SDSU senior Matt Bradley will be the point of focus for the Rams for sure, but SDSU is pretty balanced on the floor. Just like the Rams.

While I expect it to be a close contest, CSU will definitely be coming into the game with the biggest feeling of redemption resting on their shoulders.

What to Watch in Moby Arena

After the first Moby Arena sell-out since 2015 against UNLV last Friday (Jan.28), it's looking like Moby is trending back in that direction for tomorrow night's game. And, with the arena decked out in orange, it's a tough atmosphere to come into as a visiting team.

Additionally, two key players for the Rams are making high-profile national lists. With little surprise, it was announced by CSU Athletics today that David Roddy is one of the 10 finalists for the Karl Malone Award.

The Karl Malone Award recognizes the "top power forward in men's college basketball", according to the release from CSU.

Also, key playmaker Isaiah Stevens - part of the one-two punch that usually is Stevens and Roddy - was named to the Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year watch list earlier this week.

What's bound to be a loud, must-see game between the defending Mountain West champions and projected Mountain West champions, you'll want to be there.

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