Hip-hop has become a lucrative career path over the years. That's what comes with the genre hitting every corner of the world and influencing pop culture at every level. Rap is a beautiful thing, considering it's a way to make a lot of money while touching fans' hearts in the process. Being a rapper can become a tight-knit world, especially once you get to the upper echelon. While some artists prefer their inner circle, there are others who become friends in rap, which goes beyond the music. What does everyone do for their friends and loved ones? They get them gifts. It's just that rappers love handing out money, and some gift their crews more cash than anyone could imagine. Today, XXL highlights some of the times rappers ran it up, then gave the hefty lump sums of money to other artists who are important to them.

Cardi B is always down to celebrate her husband Offset's birthday, and drops a big bag to do it. In 2019, for Offset's 28th birthday, Cardi put $500,000 in a refrigerator and let Offset look inside. Talk about cold hard cash. Then she outdid herself in 2021, when she gave him $2 million, in the form of a giant check, like he just won a sweepstakes. She consistently goes all out for him on his special day, and he appreciates it every time.

Gunna is another artist who freely gifts his rapper friends with money, but also receives it right back, too. In 2020, Gunna gave Young Thug $100,000, with a piece of bread stuck with a candle in the middle, all for Thugger's 29th birthday. Then the next year, when Wunna turned 28, Lil Baby gave him $100,000 for the occasion. Considering how close the trio of rappers are, with Thug having a hand in both Baby and Gunna's rise, it's cool to see them gift each other stacks.

Don't forget the million-dollar amounts of money that get passed out as well. Check the list below for more rappers spending bread, dropping bags, passing out racks and everything in between for each other.

  • Future Gives Young Scooter $200,000

    For Young Scooter's 36th birthday this year, Future gave his long-time friend and fellow Freebandz member Scooter $200,000. Future also posted a video to commemorate the moment. There's nothing like looking out for your friends.

  • Yo Gotti and Head Give MoneyBagg Yo Over $1 Million

    Moneybagg Yo signed with Yo Gotti's Collective Music Group in 2016, so the two have a business relationship and friendship that has been going strong for more than five years. For his birthday last year, Yo Gotti and Head, one of the CEO's of N-Less Entertainment—the first label Bagg signed to—gave Bagg $1.5 million while praising him for his recent success. Notably, this was shortly after Bagg's 2021 album, A Gangsta's Pain, blew up, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

  • Cardi B Gives Offset $500,000 in a Refrigerator

    In a sweet moment two years ago, Cardi B gifted her husband, Offset, $500,000 for his 28th birthday. Storing the money in a fridge, ’Set was visibly shocked and moved by Cardi B's gift. Love always wins.

  • Lil Baby Gives Gunna $100,000 in a Shoebox

    Lil Baby and Gunna's careers will always be intertwined since they came up together as friends and blew up in rap around the same time. On Gunna's 28th birthday last year, Lil Baby decided to show him some love, and gave Wunna $100,000 in a shoebox.

  • Lil Yachty Gives Quavo $27,000

    Lil Yachty is known for embracing the good people around him, and his relationship with Quavo of Migos is no exception. For Quavo's 27th birthday, Boat pulled up on and gave him $27,000, a fitting gift for turning another year older.

  • Gunna Gives Young Thug $100,000

    Back in 2020, Gunna came up with a special gift for his good friend and the leader of YSL, Young Thug. Gunna surprised Thug with $100,000 on a display plate, with a piece of bread with a candle in its center. Of course, Thugger loved the gift.

  • Cardi Gives Offset $2 Million

    Cardi B makes another appearance on this list for dropping a humungous bag on Offset once again. This time, the monetary gift was $2 million for ’Set's 30th birthday last year. Cardi presented him with a giant check onstage, adding to the big moment.

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