Breaking down the attributes of a rapper is like building a My Player on NBA 2K. There's always several elements that contribute to the whole product, though some sliders are up higher than others. But in every case, there's at least one cheat code that separates these characters from the pack.

For the legends who have been around for decades at this point, their secret weapons are easy to peep. Take for example Drake, whose advantage comes from his days as an actor on Degrassi. Being a thespian allows Drizzy to be whoever he wants in any given moment, which has been exemplified in his multitude of accents and the respective records that have fit into many different genres. When looking at Jay-Z,  one of his most significant qualities as an artist is his entendres. He doubles and triples them up with ease, further proving why he’s been touted by many as second to none.

On the note of standout contributors to the rap game, Swae Lee’s most notable element is his melodies. That notion is clear in the three diamond-selling tracks he's been part of over the last half-decade alone. Additionally, a rapper with a standout flow will always be respected. An accurate reflection of that traces back to Migos iconic triplet flow, but what exists in the secondary layers of a song can be just as impactful. Kid Cudi’s humming or 21 Savage’s ad-libs are prime examples.

Either way, every artist has their own way of coloring a record in ways that no one else can. So looking at some of the premier acts in rap, here, XXL highlights 15 artists and the secret weapons they bring to the game. Check out the full list below.

See Your Favorite Rappers' Secret Weapons to Success

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