Rappers have kids all the time—just ask Nick Cannon—but having twins or triplets is a more uncommon occurrence. One in 250 pregnancies results in twins, while about one in 10,000 pregnancies yield triplets, according to reproductivefacts.org. Some of the biggest names in the hip-hop game have had two or more offspring from the same pregnancy.

Jay-Z famously fathered twins Sir and Rumi with his wife Beyoncé in 2017. The children dropped six months after Pharrell Williams' wife Helen Lasichanh welcomed triplets that January. They've managed to keep the trio out of the prying eye of the public ’til this day.

Diddy, now a father of six, was ahead of the curve. He and his late girlfriend Kimberly Porter welcomed twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James in 2006. He revealed he's given Hov parenting advice as an experienced father of identical kids.

"Jay’s usually the one that gives me counsel, so I was so happy to give him counsel on this," Diddy said on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2017. "You’re used to getting love from one child, but when you get this incredible love from two kids and they’re twins, it’s truly a blessing and may God bless him and Beyoncé and the family and everybody out there that has kids—period."

They aren't the only ones. Nick Cannon is the father of two sets of twins.

XXL takes a look at a few other rappers who've had the joy of fathering or mothering twins or triplets.

See Rappers With Either Twins or Triplets

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