It's hard to imagine people on the golf course seeing a person 'flinging' a golf ball, and not thinking that the person is a little crazy; but 'flinging' is taking off.

I just recently heard about FlingGolf, when 5280 Magazine did a story about it, and was talking about a person playing it at City Park Nine in Fort Collins. Even one of the guys behind the new 'sport' attended Colorado State University. So, this whole thing caught my attention.

Simply put, it's like lacrosse meets golf: You have this stick, and you fling the golf ball out onto the fairway and you use the stick to put with too. You only carry one FlingStick as you play on any standard golf course.

I am a disc golf player. Over 98% of the courses for disc golf are not anywhere near a regular golf course, so this FlingGolf being right there at country club settings, really has me intrigued.

Am I jealous? Maybe I am. 'Flingers' get to spend the day at nice golf courses, with nice clubhouses, and I'm out throwing next to a middle schools. But then, FlingGolf is putting a standard golf ball into a standard courses hole; I'm out throwing small frisbees at baskets. Disc golf is more different to golf than this FlingGolf is.

I looked into how many courses 'allow' you to play FlingGolf around Fort Collins, and was surprised to find that just about all the non-private courses have had FlingGolfers play at their course. A few, The Olde Course in Loveland, Cattail Course in Loveland, and Fox Acres at Red Feathers even have FlingStick rentals.

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I talked on the phone to Troy at Mariana Butte Golf, one of the city-owned courses in Loveland, and got that course's views on FlingGolf

It's definitely less wear and tear on the course; and you only have one stick, so you don't need a cart, so people can play it during the spring and winter months, too.

I asked about green fees for FlingGolf, and Troy said that they do run less than regular golf, but you do have to pay. May I add that a majority of disc golf coursed are 'free to play.'

I have a good friend who plays at The Olde Course in Loveland, and though he's not seen anyone play it, he can see young people getting into it.

One stick. one ball, one course. I think I'll stick with disc golf, but that's me.

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