Red Bull is all over social media these days with a class action suit and claims that you may be entitled to money. Have you claimed yours?

Red Bull Mark Thompson Getty Images
Red Bull Mark Thompson Getty Images

Here's what I think that I know about this. Back in August 2014, Red Bull Energy Drink settled outside of court in a class action that the company misrepresented itself. The claim says that the drink does not give you wings as the company advertised. The settlement is said to be $13 million.

Here's where the story takes on an even more peculiar angle. It is being reported that anyone who has purchased a Red Bull Energy Drink since like 2002 up through Oct. 3, 2014 can fill out an online form and claim some $10 to $15 dollars in cash or product that would be mailed to you at the company's cost.  I attempted this yesterday and found that the page would never completely resolve, so I could never fill out the form. Today, the form is missing in action. This is where I ask, is this a fishy deal? Then I find that some are reporting that because of the Internet and so many people filling out the form, the allotted monies for the average American Joe Red Bull Energy Drink consumer is out of luck. Reportedly there was only about $13 million (wait, is that the same $13 million the claimant got?) to be disbursed to those who filled out the form.

I don't know anyone who actually managed to fill out the online form in an attempt to get their share of the Red Bull Energy Drink settlement, did you get yours? I now read that in the end most people, who did get the form filled out, ended up with slightly less than $3, which they add is roughly the price of a can. All I really got out of that statement was, where the heck can I get a Red Bull for less than $3?!?

I don't really know whether this is all hype and hoax or the real deal that I just missed out on, but regardless, it has made some great water cooler talk. I did check the story out on a popular website that usually tells me in a clear, cut and clean way whether I can believe something and I still walked away scratching my head.

Again, if you did make it through the claim form online please let us know. Just remember if I see you out and about, I'll expect you to pick up the tab for my next Red Bull  Zero. :)

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