Looking for charm in Colorado? So was Cassie when she moved to Fort Collins and was featured on an episode of House Hunters in 2012.

Our town isn't unused to the spotlight, since we're constantly being touted as one of the best places to live in the state, have the best beer and the best biker safety (the list goes on and on). It makes sense that the popular HGTV show would stop here to highlight our historic Old Town and the beautiful architectural craftsmanship featured in many of our older houses in the area.

Cassie's budget was $200,000, which makes it seem like the market has probably changed quite a bit in the past seven years since this episode aired. She is a Colorado photographer, and you can check out her stunning work right here.

Cassie even made her decision on which house to buy at Snooze in Old Town, so see if you can spot yourself in the background enjoying a pancake flight.

You can watch a clip from the episode right here, and even snag more views of some Fort Collins landmarks like Beaver's Market and Old Town.

Following the episode, Cassie opened up to Ignite Fort Collins about how she felt after seeing herself on TV. In one part of her speech, she said that people are judged within the first 500 milliseconds of seeing or meeting them, and went on to say about her TV debut:

Fear of those first 500 milliseconds have crippled me with doubt and anxiety for a lot of my life. I always feel when I have enough money, more money, when I look a certain way, more experience, only then will I truly begin to lean into my discomfort and take bigger risks [...] I took a risk of humiliation and decided to be on national television.


I highly recommend watching the full video if you have the time⁠— Cassie gets real about what it's like to live in Fort Collins after being on television.

Let's raise a glass to Cassie and get ready for our own real estate journeys. What do you think I can get in Fort Collins for $200,000 these days?

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