Colorado Representative Ken Buck is proposing a new bill that would prevent an individual from receiving unemployment benefits that are worth more than the amount of wages they were earning while employed.

Titled the 'Getting Americans Back to Work Act,' the bill is designed to encourage people to return to their jobs by taking away the "incentive" of unemployment benefits that pay more than their prior job had.

If passed, the legislation, which Buck introduced along with North Carolina Representative Ted Budd, would also allow the Secretary of Labor to require wage reporting, and recover any excessive benefits paid starting on June 1.

The Republican politicians developed the bill in response to what they see as a flaw in the CARES Act.

"...businesses across the nation are struggling to hire workers because many individuals are receiving more money through unemployment insurance than they earned when they were working," said Budd in a press release on May 12. "We must do everything in our power to eliminate this perverse incentive."

Buck echoed Budd's statement, expressing that people must "safely return to their places of work."

However, The Greeley Tribune noted that the bill does not address when people will be able to safely return to work, despite the June 1 application date.

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