Fort Collins Police say someone impersonating a police officer stopped a female motorist on March 26, allegedly to verify that the woman was obeying the order to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigators suspect the bogus cop may have stopped other drivers as well, using the same ruse.

While there is a stay-at-home order in effect in Fort Collins, police say they are not stopping motorists to see if they are complying with the order. The allegedly bogus police officer was driving a white van with no police markings, according to a post on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page.

He was wearing a blue uniform and a blue police hat, according to the post. The supposed police officer demanded the woman's driver's license, safety tests, and vehicle registration, which he took to his van. He returned the documents a few minutes later, but never identified himself by name.

The incident took place on Harmony Rd. Streets and Timberline Road. The bogus cop is described as a white man between 45-50, about 6 feet tall with an athletic build. Fort Collins Police advised people who think they may be dealing with a police impersonater to take the following steps:

''➡️ Call 911. Dispatchers can help determine if the person stopping you is actually an officer.
➡️ Turn on your hazard lights. This tells the person behind you that you're aware and taking action, and it also draws the attention of other passing vehicles.
➡️ Stop in a well-lit, public area.
➡️ Remain respectful but cautious.
➡️ Ask to see a badge or identification. FCPS officers also have business cards that you can request.
➡️ If you're concerned for your safety, tell the 911 dispatcher and follow their instructions. Your safety is important to us.
➡️ Try to remember as many details as possible about the person who stopped you and their vehicle so you can provide that information to police.

Police are concerned that this suspect may have stopped other vehicles as well. Drivers who have been stopped in Fort Collins for alleged "stay-home compliance checks," or anyone with information about this incident or suspect, is asked to call Detective Mike Harres at 970-221-6543. People may also contact Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at''

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