The city of Fort Collins is home to some of the best bars in the entire state of Colorado. I added another to my list this weekend when I visited Craft Tacos + Tequila!

Craft Tacos + Tequila is a newcomer to the Fort Collins restaurant scene, as they first opened as Salsa Brava and then made the change to it's current incarnation in 2017. I've always driven past it and wondered how good the tequila, margaritas, and tacos were.

I will say that after my first visit this past weekend, and my ensuing second visit the day after, I can say very loud that Craft Tacos + Tequila does NOT disappoint. Actually, they hit a home run with the exceptional drinks and food that they put on your table.

My wife and I walked in Friday night just in time before they wrapped up their happy hour, which runs from 3 pm - 6 pm Monday through Friday. If you're looking for a great wrap up to a hectic workday, their happy hour will definitely make up for the business craziness. Their specials until 6 pm include:

  • $3 Craft House Margaritas (Mmmmmm....)
  • $3 Tapas Queso (Just enough for my wife and I to enjoy)
  • $3 Tapas Guacamole (Again, just enough to enjoy the amazing taste)
  • $3 Tacos (your choice of the Cheech & Chong or the Gringo tacos)
  • $4 Craft Draft Beers

And there is even more on the happy hour menu that will make you crave for more! If you love peppers, you'll love that Craft Tacos + Tequila actually puts fire roasted peppers on both their queso and guacamole to give it a nice kick. Not a fan of peppers? You can definitely order yours without!

Next up on my Friday (and Saturday) night "must try" list was one of the four tequila flights that they offer up. There are four different tequila flights you can choose from, all of which you get three half shots of premium tequila with each.

I can tell you that what you pay is WELL worth it, as many other locations may charge you an arm and a leg to try a half shot of their tequilas. It was a night out for my wife and I, so I went big on both nights and tried their "PHD" tequila flight, which allowed me to try Clase Azul Plata, Clase Azul Reposado, and Don Julio 1942.

Credit: Justin Tyler
Credit: Justin Tyler

The bartender at Craft Tacos + Tequila explained each flight in detail to us, so we knew exactly what we were getting and what to expect. For someone who doesn't do tequila flights often, this was a big help in my tequila journey!

Are you a fan of burritos or enchiladas? They have those as well!

How about a beerita or special margaritas? You will find those at Craft Tacos and Tequila too!

Definitely check them out when you are looking for a night out with your significant other. If you have kids and looking for great food, Craft Tacos + Tequila has a great sit down area as well!

I give them 4.5 tacos out of outstanding score that they got both times we visited! Craft Tacos + Tequila is located at 230 South College Avenue in Fort Collins, so check them out today.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google


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