It's hard to believe, by the noise this rare wild animal makes, that it took three weeks to get the little guy out of the store. Many people like Kohl's, maybe he wanted in on the deals.

When you hear that a "cat" was in a Colorado store for three weeks, you probably flash to a cute, fuzzy, little cat. You need to put those pictures right out of your head and take a look at this wild and wily racoon,


The thing is, what was in Golden's Kohl's wasn't a "cat" at all, really; it was a mammal that's within the racoon family. The store personnel had to have been going crazy with this guy in their store for so long; especially when it makes a creepy "yap" noise.


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It's not like the critter, which is called a Ring Tailed Cat, was welcome and had the run of the store; they had been trying to catch "Kevin" (I just named him "Kohl's Kevin") for three weeks. According to People and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Kevin was clever enough to get the food that was in traps, but not get trapped. He also ate ceiling tiles and shoeboxes. Good to know no shoes were destroyed by the interloper.

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I imagine that there were several staffers who did not want to go into work, with Kevin still wandering around. A wild animal like that could be carrying some sort of disease; I know I'd be weary about the whole thing. "Joanne, I'm taking a personal day."

Twitter/Jefferson County Sheriff's Ofiice

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office eventually did capture Kevin and released him back into the woods near Golden.

See ya, Kevin. Safe travels.

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