Lots of folks enjoy traveling when on vacation, even Ringo Starr. Not everybody likes to exercise while on vacation. Ringo, however, does. Colorado is a big state; there’s no telling where he was or what trail he was on when he posted a photo on Twitter.

The state has been overrun by celebrities, as of late!  Steven Tyler (they shop just like everybody else!) Bill Murray (Damn! I missed Bill Murray?) Now, here comes Ringo Starr; in Colorado, doing a Colorado thing: Going out for a hike. He tweeted out a picture of him on a trail somewhere in the state.

One reply to his tweet said, ‘I get by with a little hike with my friends.’ That’s a good one.

You look at that photo and go ‘Hey! That looks somewhat familiar! What is that bridge behind him? Maybe I know where he was!’ As if you could track him down for an autograph. Not likely.

Though, with a quick investigation of the photo, I come up with two things: ONE: It must have been morning because he seems chilly (wearing running PANTS. Maybe he doesn't like showing his legs? )  TWO: He wasn’t going to be out for long, because he didn’t bring any water. Twitter blew him about that – ‘Be sure to hydrate!’ said a lot of folks. Sure, his running partner/photographer could have been carrying the water... Who knows?  One, THIRD thing: The guy looks GREAT for 77!

It sure would be something be out on your morning run, jog, walk and then come across a member of the biggest band in history.

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