The town of Estes Park recently held a town meeting to listen to a presentation about figuring out the best and safest way for people to access Rocky Mountain National Park this year.

According to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, the park will require a reservation for entry starting on Friday, May 28 (the kickoff of Memorial Day Weekend). There will be TWO different types of reservations available this summer. There will be an "Entire Park" pass and one for a pass MINUS Bear Lake.

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So, this will be our first full summer here in Colorado, and despite the temptation and the allure of spending a nice holiday weekend in the mountains... there is absolutely ZERO chance of me even attempting to enter RMNP on a holiday weekend (unless I'm arriving at 2- 3 in the morning).

YouTube/ Estes Park Trail Gazette

Due to Bear Lake's popularity, there was, apparently, a need for the two different types of passes. Rocky Mountain National Park was the FOURTH most visited National Park last year, even with being the first to implement a reservation system.

The park will be allowing between 75-85% capacity (that's parking lot and shuttle capacity), last year it was at 60%.

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