Just a reminder: THESE ARE WILD ANIMALS! They will severely injure you and/or quite possibly kill you if you don't respect them and give them space, so when I see things like this, it just makes me shake my head and honestly, drives me crazy.

Fox 31 got video from a visitor to Rocky Mountain National Park of several people just hanging out on top of a hill with a couple of bull elks practically in their faces getting pictures. Baaaaaaad idea (Is it me or is the person in the black hoodie and jeans leaning down for a kiss??)

I say it's a bad idea because these animals are huge and while they look like they're just chill and relaxing, if frightened or angered, it probably wouldn't be pretty if it got up and started charging at you. Thankfully, and luckily for these individuals, that didn't happen because as you can see in this video, when a bull elk gets scared and/or angry...it ain't pretty.

YouTube/CBS Denver

Approaching wildlife is not only extremely dangerous, it's also illegal inside the park. In fact, any activity within 25 yards of wildlife is prohibited inside the park. Penalties for those who are reported could include a fine or even jail time. If you need a helpful tip on deciding if you're too close or not, use this helpful rule of thumb.

This is for the protection of the animals...and YOU.

This is true for any wild animal, and they're wild for a reason. We are guests in THEIR habitat and need to respect that and sometimes, even when we do respect that, things can take a turn for the worse.

Just this past year, a man was charged while on golf course in a golf cart and ended up with his kidney sliced in half.

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