After the Memorial Day 3-day weekend, commuters in Fort Collins should prepare themselves for delays as it's 'road work season,' again.

The City of Fort Collins will be doing asphalt work on Sheilds between Harmony Road and Horsetooth, for 8-10 days starting on June 1. That's a lot of travelers that will be affected, for sure.

I used to live at Horsetooth and Shields, just west of the Jiffy Lube, and I know first hand, how many people (bikes, cars, joggers) use Shields. The idea of them shutting down lanes sounds like when I spill hot coffee on myself in the car. Youch.

They'll start on the southbound lanes, then move on to the northbound lanes. If things go absolutely great, they'll be done by June 9; if they run into weather or other problems, it could take up until the 11th. Hopefully, they won't 'turn it up to 11,' just to be funny.

The City doesn't advise any specific alternate routes, as there aren't really any great options other than using Taft Hill or College.

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Though 10 days does seem like a lot, I remember when they were working on Drake between Shields and Taft Hill; that went on forever; it had to be six months. It was a nightmare.

And, after all the work is done, it'll be a great drive/ride.

You can stay up to date on the City of Fort Collins' plans on the streets HERE.

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