There have been three Indiana Jones movies - four, if you count the fourth one that true fans don't ever count - and a new one being filmed as we speak set to be released in June of 2023. That makes five - or, um, four for the true fans.

In fact, Harrison Ford recently spoke about the newest installment at the D23 Expo September 9-11 and got super emotional talking about the iconic character.

You can check out that video below.

Did you know about Colorado's ties to the Indiana Jones series? Turns out that a young Indiana Jones, played by River Phoenix in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, grew up in a house that's actually located in real life right here in Colorado.

If you remember, the film opens up with a young Indy doing battle with some thugs, after coming across some grave robbers stealing a golden crucifix that belonded to Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. Indy steals it from the robbers, wanted to get the piece into a museum.

He jumps aboard a circus train - complete with snakes and lions - and manages to escape yet again, where he then jumps off the train and runs home to his dad - played by Sean Connery - who makes him count to twenty - in Greek.

It's this house that's located in Colorado! It's located off Highway 285 in a town called Antonito, Colorado, right near the New Mexico border.

The house was built in 1888 and believe it or not, is now an Indiana Jones themed bed and breakfast, where you can stay and relive some of Indy's best adventures. In fact, there's a copy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in each bedroom, which guests are obviously encouraged to watch while staying at the B&B.

The host of the YouTube channel, Tyger True Crime visited the house back in 2020. See for yourself, and make sure to put it on your list of weird places you should visit right here in Colorado for the future.

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