Fame and fortune can seem like a dream come true, but it's often fleeting.

Some rockers have tried holding tight to both for as long as they could, while others let it slip away. A select group of stars has gone so far as to run for the hills, eschewing all the trappings that come with the job.

We've collected some of the biggest names in classic rock who chose to walk away from the spotlight.

Ironically, it's sometimes the mystery behind their disappearance from public life that helps fan the flame of fame. When you're a member of one of the biggest rock bands in the world -- like Queen, Guns N' Roses or Kiss -- why back away? It adds just enough mystique to keep these figures in the public's mind years after they've left the stage.

For some, it was a tough battle against drugs and alcohol or mental illness; for others, it wasn't their choice as their bandmates kicked them to the curb and solo careers didn't pay the same dividends. And then there are those who simply had enough of the music business and gave it up to raise a family as they lived off their royalties. For a few more, we may never know their motivation.

But for better or worse, the rock stars below left it all behind, either temporarily or forever.

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