Coincidentally, there are nine zeros in one billion, and the Centennial State has nine people who are worth over $1 billion.

You have to wonder what kind of Colorado these billionaires get to experience when they have enough money to do whatever they want, as The Greeley Tribune has the story on the 2021 Forbes' list of billionaires.

It's hard to believe, that given the economic downturn that most Americans faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forbes' list has added 660 more billionaires with a combined wealth of nearly $43 billion. They'd have to add another $150 billion to reach Jeff Bezos' fortune of $191 billion, the world's richest person.

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I like to think that just because they have 'gobs' of money, doesn't mean that billionaires don't have the same troubles as us 'regular' Coloradans; they spend too much time trying to figure out what to watch on the weekend, too. They just watch their entertainment on golden televisions. So, I've heard.

Seriously, what kind of extravagant things do these billionaires get to enjoy in Colorado, that you and I probably have never even heard of? Do they hang out at some super-secret mountain fortress? Do they need a DJ to entertain them at that fortress? Because I can open my schedule, for the right price.

Coloradans on Forbes' 2021 List of Billionaires

Get more on the list of Colorado billionaires from the Greeley Tribune HERE.

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