Roddy Ricch is the latest victim of forgetting bars during a live performance. While performing onstage, the Compton, Calif. rapper seemingly forgot the lyrics to his own chart-topping hit song.

In a video taken by TikToker terphub (aka JimTanna) and shared on his page on Saturday (May 7), Roddy Ricch appears to be rapping the hook of his 2019 diamond-selling hit “The Box,” but forgets the first few lines of the initial verse. The 2019 XXL Freshman pauses for a second, turns around and starts laughing. He then gestures to his DJ that he can't hear the music in his earpiece. The crowd begins to voice their disappointment at the rapper.

Luckily, Ricch recovers and resumes his lyrics, spitting, “Nigga try to get me for my water/I'll lay his ass down, on my son, on my daughter/I had the Draco with me, Dwayne Carter/Lotta niggas out here playin', ain't ballin'.” Watch below.

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Roddy Ricch isn’t the first rapper to forget lyrics to a song during a live performance.

Last April, while Lil Baby was performing on an episode of Jewelry Unlimited's TikTok rapper series Can Artists Finish Their Own Lyrics, he had a brain fart when it came time to spit his rhymes for "I'm Straight" from his 2018 album Harder Than Ever. Check it out below.

Kanye West also had amnesia and forgot his rhymes to one of his songs. While performing at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert in Los Angeles last December, Ye couldn’t remember the lyrics to his Drake-assisted track "Forever" and he laughed it off.

And who can forget Rich Homie Quan’s awful blunder at the 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors in New York. During a rendition of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Get Money" song with Lil' Kim, the Atlanta rapper forgot Biggie’s verse and tried to play it off. Watch Rich Homie Quan forget B.I.G.'s lyrics below.

In the end, rappers forget lyrics to their songs all the time. It happens to the best of them.

Here’s another look at Roddy Ricch’s forgetting the lyrics to "The Box." Swipe left.

Watch Roddy Ricch’s "The Box" music video below.

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