Roddy Ricch's recent performance at the 2022 Wireless Festival is sparking a discussion on social media, with people commenting on the mostly White crowd rapping the N-word.

Roddy Ricch has been doing several shows overseas, recently performing at the Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park in London, England on July 8. One video captured from the set, posted by Twitter account @thewavecheck, shows the Compton. Calif. rapper performing his hit single "The Box" for the huge crowd. Roddy has the hype crowd in a frenzy.

"Sing that shit," he directs before rolling into the chorus.

The thousands of attendees know and rap every word to the catchy chorus. There appears to be no self-censoring when the lyric "sucked a nigga soul" comes along, which can clearly be heard in the audio.

A clip from the performance posted on Twitter has generated over 10 million views. It also sparked a conversion about White people saying "nigga."

"Many a nigga was sung, nary a nigga was seen," one person commented on the clip.

"Ya'll really thought all them white ppl in that Roddy Ricch performance weren't gonna say 'nigga'? at this point i don't even cringe when i hear stuff like that, it's just expected...smmfbbh," someone else commented.

"They sang 'The Box' by Roddy Ricch word for word. The hook is so good, it had them saying the word 'nigga' proudly. What a crowd!" another person seemingly sarcastically added.

This isn't the first viral moment from Roddy Ricch's recent European run. The day prior to Wireless, Roddy performed at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Frauenfeld, Switzerland and was captured on video kicking a fan who trespassed on the stage.

See a Fan-Filmed Video of Roddy Ricch's Wireless Festival Performance and More Reactions Below

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