Whether you are a believer in Bigfoot or just get a kick out of the mystery of it all, there's a day trip from Fort Collins that has your name, and Sasquatch's on it.

The town of Bailey is widely known for its Coney Island hot dog stand, right off of Highway 285; now there's a spot to celebrate and investigate all things Bigfoot.

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I have a friend who lives up in Bailey and though he's heard of Sasquatch Outpost, he hasn't had a chance to investigate it yet. He did tell me that it used to the location of a grocery store.

Those who believe in Bigfoot are called Squatchers, and that's who Sasquatch Outpost caters to. They have gear, they'll document your sightings, and they have their 'Sasquatch Encounter Museum' dedicated to the creature(s.)

They also have a podcast where they cover everything from Bigfoot sightings to movies about Bigfoot. These people really get into it. You have to respect their dedication. It definitely sounds like a fun day.

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