If only Bigfoot would just come out of the forest and portray themselves in those beef jerky commercials. Until then, we have these 'sightings.'

The ever-elusive Bigfoot. Hard to capture on film, even harder to physically capture. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) keeps track of reported sightings of the furry giant.

There have been nine reported Bigfoot sightings in the Fort Collins area, dating back to 1971. You have to believe that these people honestly think that they saw a Bigfoot, to go through the process of logging the report, as well as the potential ridicule they might endure after having done so.


  • 1971 -  Future doctor sees giant tracks high in Rawah wilderness.
  • 1990 - Family sees a Sasquatch chasing a deer in the Roosevelt National Forest about 25 miles from Fort Collins.
  • 2005 - Elk hunters see a white-upright figure in Cherokee Park near Red Feather Lake.
  • 2009 - Two brothers at Crystal Lakes near Red Feather witness an upright figure.
  • 2014 - While at YMCA of the Rockies outside of Estes Park, a guest has a possible sighting and hears 'strange vocalizations.'
  • 2015 - Family hiking on Green Mountian Trail in RMNP find footprints.
  • 2016 - Family finds footprints outside their home in Windsor, near the Poudre River.
  • 2019 - Husband and wife on Storm Mountain, near Drake, capture 'Blobsquatch' photo.

Get more on the Laimer County sightings from BFRO HERE.


  • 1972 - Teens in a car near Greeley spot a large creature coming out of an 8-foot irrigation ditch.

Get more on Weld County's sighting from BFRO HERE.

Have you ever spotted a Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

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