How much have you been paying for gas lately?

One thing's for sure, you're definitely spending more at the pump now than you were towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


(For the record, the picture above is not photoshopped - I was really paying under $2 a gallon for a good portion of 2020... this wasn't in Colorado but STILL).

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According to GasBuddy, a travel and navigation app that helps you save on gas, the national average price of gas today has surpassed $3 a gallon - a rate not seen since 2014.

Despite the recent ransomware attack that shut down the largest oil products pipeline in the United States, draining thousands of gas stations of their oil supply, the shut down of the Colonial Pipeline - which runs from Houston to the New York Harbor and moves about 2.5 million barrels of refined oil a day - had no effect on Colorado, as the Colonial Pipeline doesn't serve Colorado with its oil supply.

With that, the question still remains - why are gas prices going up?

While it might be easy to point fingers, the idea that COVID-19 related recovery is pushing things back to normal and leading to rising gasoline demand is not far-fetched.

“While this is not a milestone anyone wants to celebrate, it’s a sign that things are slowly returning to normal,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “In this case, rising gas prices are a sign Americans are getting back out into the world — attending baseball games, going to concerts, taking a road trip — basically staying anywhere but at home.

So, while a gas shortage in Colorado might not be on the forefront of your mind (nor should it be, since our gasoline and diesel mainly comes from refineries in Northern Texas and the Midwest on multiple pipeline systems), Colorado's average price for a gallon of gas (which currently stands at $3.01) is said to continue to rise ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, according to AAA Colorado.

Next time your car is running on empty, don't pay a premium for gas - instead, fill up your tank at one of these Northern Colorado gas stations that currently sell the cheapest fuel, according to GasBuddy:

(disclaimer: gas stations are listed from cheapest - most expensive, per area)

Cheapest gas in Fort Collins (& surrounding areas): 

  • $2.74 per gallon @ Valero - 803 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins 
  • $2.79 per gallon @ Costco - 4705 Weitzel St, Timnath
  • $2.79 per gallon @ Loaf 'N Jug - 429 S. Mason St, Fort Collins
  • $2.80 per gallon @ Maverik - 651 SE Frontage Rd, Fort Collins 
  • $2.81 per gallon @ Loaf 'N Jug - 601 Greenfield Ct, Fort Collins

Cheapest gas in Greeley (& surrounding areas): 

  • $2.78 per gallon @ Sam's Club - 3247 23rd Ave, Evans 
  • $2.85 per gallon @ Cosmic Market - 2730 23rd Ave, Greeley 
  • $2.89 per gallon @ Sinclair - 1000 35th Ave, Greeley 
  • $2.89 per gallon @ Everyday - 300 Justin Ave, Platteville 
  • $2.90 per gallon @ Everyday - 2603 8th Ave, Greeley 

Cheapest gas in Loveland (& surrounding areas):

  • $2.84 per gallon @ Sam's Club - 1200 E. Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland
  • $2.89 per gallon @ Murphy Express - 120 W. 64th St, Loveland
  • $2.89 per gallon @ King Soopers - 229 E. 29th St, Loveland
  • $2.89 per gallon @ King Soopers - 1275 Eagle Dr, Loveland
  • $2.89 per gallon @ Kum & Go - 4330 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland 

Because filling up your car with gas shouldn't break the bank. Happy saving!

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