Even though summer is dwindling, it's hard to imagine it not being hot in Colorado — I mean, forecasters are still categorizing temperatures in the low 80s as "cooler."

However...cue Game of Thrones impression...winter is coming, which means you won't need your sprinkler system for too much longer this year.

To help save water (and to help you save on your utility bills), the City of Fort Collins is asking residents to turn off their outdoor irrigation systems by October 1. According to a press release from the City, 91% of residents followed this timeline last year, saving more than 100 million gallons of water in just a few weeks.

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"Last fall, 91% of all water customers turned off their sprinklers by October 1 because of water restrictions and we saw a huge impact on water savings," said Jensen Morgan, Environmental Specialist for the City of Fort Collins, in the release. "Our lawns returned healthy and green this past spring, and we hope residents know they can still have a healthy lawn while saving money and conserving water by turning outdoor irrigation off a little earlier than usual in the fall."

The City's plea is part of a larger campaign dubbed the "Shift Your Water Challenge." Residents can sign up for the campaign here — if their outdoor irrigation is turned off by the deadline, they'll be eligible to win a $50 credit on their next water bill.

Aside from helping conserve local water supplies, turning off your sprinkler system early will also help you with that aforementioned utility bill, as outdoor irrigation currently accounts for around 60% of the Choice City's water consumption.

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